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Vanguard Powersol Copper and Fiber Systems

We supply copper and fiber solutions to the top solution integrators and re-sellers in East Africa. We have premium solutions from Panduit and Dlink hence providing products to cover the entire spectrum of the market. Below are some of our fast movers, get in touch with us for a full range of our products and any specific product that you may be looking for.

Panduit Copper Systems


Category 6, CM, 4-pair UTP copper cable. Copper conductors are 24 AWG. Conductors are twisted in pairs, separated by an integrated pair divider and protected by a PVC jacket.

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Category 6A Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) 4-pair U/FTP shielded copper cable. Conductors are 23 AWG with polyethylene (PE) insulation. Conductors are twisted in pairs, each individual twisted pair includes a metallic foil shield and is protected by a LSZH

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Keystone 24-port modular patch panel with faceplates in black, (1 RU).

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Keystone 48-port modular patch panel with faceplates in black, (2 RU).

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NetKey Category 6 UTP Jack Module Category 6, 8-position, 8-wire, keystone punchdown jack module. White.

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NetKey 86mm x 86mm flat shuttered faceplate, accepts one keystone Modules. Includes two M4.0-0.7 x 25 mm panhead mounting screws. Arctic White

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Copper cable, category 6 outside plant (OSP) U/UTP, 4-pair, conductors are 23 AWG construction with polyolefin insulation. The cable has a gel-filled construction to prevent moisture migration in underground and wet applications.

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NetKey Category 6 Patch Cord. Netkey copper patch cord, category 6, available in 1, 3, 5 meters, white, off white, blue, yellow, red UTP cable.

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NetKey 86mm x 86mm flat shuttered faceplate, accepts two keystone Modules. Includes two M3.5-0.5 x 30 mm panhead mounting screws. Arctic White

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NetKey 86mm x 86mm faceplate frame with one 1/2-size sloped shuttered insert, accepts two keytsone modules, includes label and label cover. Arctic White.

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Cat 6A F/UTP patch cord, CM., low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) rated, blue, 1m.

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Mini Com 48-port modular all metal shielded patch panel in black, (2 RU).

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8-position, 8-wire modular plug, for use with Panduit TX6A shielded copper cable. 100 pack.

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The Panduit® PatchLink® Horizontal Cable Manager manages category 5e and 6 copper, fiber optic and coaxial cables on the front and rear of any standard 19in (483mm) EIA rack or cabinet. Flexible fingers not only provide a safe integral bend radius but simplify adds, moves and changes for an easy-to-maintain finished, professional finish.

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The Panduit® Open-Access® Horizontal D-Ring Cable Manager provides open and efficient access to power, coaxial and communications cables and switch ports. Thanks to a unique steel frame with modular plastic snap-in D-rings, the cable manager is not only lightweight and durable, but flexible enough to endure seamless moves, adds and changes. It is compatible with any standard EIA 19in (483mm) rack or cabinet.

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Strain relief bar includes 6 Tak-Ty® Hook & Loop Cable Ties, can support and manage up to 72 cables.

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Panduit Fiber Cables and Accessories


50um OM3 8 Fibre Indoor-Outdoor Central Tube, EuroClass Eca, 250um Fibres

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NK Pre-loaded fiber drawer with 6 SC duplex adapters for 50µm (OM3/OM4) multimode fiber.

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Pre-loaded Fibre drawer with 12 Duplex 50µm SC Adapters , Aqua, Zirconia Sleeve.

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NetKey 2-fiber OM3 LC to SC patch cord low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) rated with 1.6mm jacketed cable.

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D-link Copper Cables and Accessories


D-link NCB-C6FOBLR-305

  • 4 Pairs Foilded Twisted Pair (FTP) Cable
  • Conductor Metal: Solid Bare Copper with 23 AWG
  • Shield: Aluminum Polyester Foil
  • Color Code: Black
  • Drain Wire: 26 AWG
  • Jacket Material: Double sheath, PVC Inner Sheath, UV PVC Outer Sheath
  • PE Central Cross separator

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D-link NCB-C6UGRYR-305-24

  • 4 Pairs Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cable
  • Conductor Metal: Solid Bare Copper with 24 AWG
  • Color Code: Gray
  • Jacket Material: PVC UL94V-0
  • PE Central Cross separator

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  • Available in different lengths: 0.5Mtr, 1Mtr, 2Mtr, 3Mtr, 5Mtr
  • 4 Pairs Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cable
  • Conductor Metal: Bare Copper
  • Conductor: 24 AWG
  • Jacket Material: PVC UL94V-0
  • Color Code: Grey, Red and Yellow

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D-link NPP-C61BLKXX1

  • Available in 24 (1U) and 48 (2U) ports
  • Six Port RJ45 modules applied
  • ID stripes for identifying port allocations
  • Improved Cable Management with optional cable management bar

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D-link NKJ-C6WHI1B21

  •  RJ45 8P 8C 180º 50u Punch Down Jack
  •   Terminating 4 pairs, 23-26 AWG Cable
  •   Universal labels color coded for T568A and T568B wiring schemes
  •   Fitting high density keystone panel

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  • UK Style with shutter against dust and labeling plate.
  • Accepts Cat5E/Cat6/Cat6A Keystone Jacks
  • Available in Single, Dual and Quad Ports
  • Color: White

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D-link NPG-C61TRA501-100

RJ45 modular plug supports 4 twisted pairs, meet wiring scheme
Housing: polycarbonate, 94V-2, transparent color
Contact terminal: phosphor bronze

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D-link NCM-B01, NCM-M01, NCM-M03 Cable Managers

  • 19" 1U Brush Manager
  • 19" 1U Metal Cable Manager with Rings
  • 19" 1U CCS Type Metal Cable Management Bar with cover

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